About HIGH

The HIGH ecosystem comprises multiple independent profitable cannabis-related businesses with its main focus being on medical grade cannabis farming and the franchising of cannabis. The ecosystem provides an end to end structure to the cannabis industry through its ecosystem of:


CBD Oils




In order to promote the growth of Cannabis, the HIGH ecosystem will be farming for cannabis on multiple farming lands. The initial phase of the project will consist of the seeding and farming of cannabis on 5 farms of a size of 2 acres each, with a time to market of 15 weeks. The quality assurance of the HIGH farms are backed by expert master growers who have flown from the US and Canada for the sole purpose of developing this industry in Thailand. With their expertise, premium medical grade cannabis strains can be grown in greenhouses creating a controlled environment and allowing all-year round operations for a premium grade harvest.


The Herbidus Medical and Wellness Center is a franchise with multiple clinics involved in the sale of cannabis edibles and other products. The centers will be guided by the professional expertise of Dr. Erik Fleischman. Through the Herbidus Medical and Wellness Center, medical grade cannabis will be used to address multiple health and wellness concerns. The solutions include a treatment for:

The center has an ultimate goal to increase the lifespan of its customers. The doctors at the centers and through the telemedicine services will customize the programme of each client to health optimize on their wellness experience. Diet plans coupled with exercise plans and their treatment plan will be customized for each client.

Our Strains


Pink Runts

Candy Breath

Candy Breath

The HIGH Token

HIGH Token ($HIGH) is a BEP-20 token and is the utility token
of the HIGH ecosystem. The token derives value from the profitability
of the ecosystem and the power of the community.
The HIGH Ecosystem is committed to the provision of financial benefits
with increased supply chain visibility and efficiency.


Deflationary Token

The $HIGH token will be a hyper deflationary token as buybacks and burns will be carried out in order to reduce the circulating supply of the token.

$HIGH Staking

The cannabis farm locked staking programme will allow holders to support the building of the cannabis supply chain by entering a 12 months long locked staking programme yielding a 12% APY.

Cannabis Farming NFTs

Holders of the NFTs will earn up to 35% APY on their holding paid in $HIGH.

Herbidus Medical and Wellness Center NFTs

Holders of the Herbidus Wellness Dispensary NFTs will be yielding a 25% APY when they stake their NFTs.

Health Concierge NFTs

The Health Concierge NFT collection allows its holders to become members of the Cannabis Health Concierge society. The NFTs will allow free access to telemedicine services to its holders under the guidance of Dr. Erik Fleischman.


The $HIGH token will also have DAO capabilities whereby holders of the token will be able to influence the direction of the project.

HIGH to Earn

The high to earn mechanism will allow users of the Herbidus Labs to earn while shopping on the e-commerce platform

Promote to Earn

The Promote to Earn mechanism will allow users to earn by simply completing daily activities on the Herbidus platform.

Become part of our ecosystem by investing in $HIGH

HIGH Business Model

Cannabis Farming

In order to promote the growth of Cannabis, the HIGH ecosystem will be farming for cannabis on multiple farming lands.

Herbidus Medical and Wellness Center

The Herbidus Medical and Wellness Center is a franchise with multiple clinics involved in the sale of cannabis edibles and other products.

Contract Farming Programme

The HIGH ecosystem is about creating a better good. The HIGH team will be providing cannabis seeds and expertise to farmers.

HIGH Brand

The HIGH brand is the official brand of the HIGH ecosystem. The HIGH brand will be responsible for the sale of premium grade cannabis products.

HIGH Distributors

HIGH distributors are official distributors of the HIGH brand and are important for the proper functioning of the ecosystem. HIGH distributors are licensed and have free access to the Herbidus Labs platform.

Herbidus Labs Platform

The Herbidus Labs platform is an e-commerce platform that allows consumers to purchase cannabis, by-products of Cannabis and to have access to the wellness programme of the Herbidus Medical and Wellness Center.

Health Concierge

The Health Concierge will help in educating members on the benefits of cannabis and provide telemedicine services to patients under the guidance of Dr. Erik Fleischman.

VIBES™ rolling papers is a collection of premium rolling papers which is cultivated and crafted in France. Cut and kitted in the Dominican Republic, These custom-watermarked rolling papers are made in accordance with the highest quality standards.
Dee Thai Gummy
Dee Thai gummies are natural, tropical Thai flavored cannabinoid gummies. Start with one gummy, close your eyes and envision yourself roaming Thai fruit markets.


Dr Duke Fu - CEO

Duke Started Green Therapeutics in Las Vegas, NV from 2015 as CEO. He constructed and operated multiple premiere manufacturing, cultivation, and retail facilities across multiple states and countries. He oversaw manufacturing of over 5,000,000 compliant products. As the creator of multi award winning brands, he achieved over 63% market penetration in major markets - the highest revenue per sq ft. in manufacturing/cultivation in Nevada.

Andy Zhang -
Master Grower

Andy started learning about hemp and marijuana in 2017 in Colorado. From there, he went to a lot of farms and learned how to grow from many growers and learned what each of them did wrong and right. He learned mostly from his stay in Kentucky where he helped grow 200 acres of cannabis.. In 2018, he invested in Las Vegas and created a 20,000 sq ft greenhouse to grow marijuana. He helped operate the first outdoor marijuana farms in Nevada and harvested over 8000 lbs of marijuana. The hemp grown by Andy was able to get one of the highest CBD content of 18% with lowest THC content of 0.3% and won a medal for the best hemp flower at a hemp expo.

Dr. Erik Fleischman -
Head of Health Concierge

Dr. Erik Fleischman has been a licensed California physician since 1988. After a brief period of training in General Surgery he completed residency training in Oncology in Southern California and Oncology fellowship training in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Dr. Erik Fleischman is currently the International Medical Director of Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.

Josh Schmidt - Advisor

After successfully operating his medical cannabis dispensary for half a decade, Schmidt transitioned into commercial cannabis production. Schmidt spent several years sourcing the best cannabis genetics on earth. Josh Schmidt’s travels took him to India, Thailand, Nepal, Morocco, Spain, Canada and Amsterdam where he built close relationships with leading cannabis breeders. Josh is responsible for introducing some of the genetics he acquired over the years to the California market via a 250k square feet cultivation space that he owned and operated. In the process, Schmidt built a large and qualified team of expert growers and laborers.

Adam Schoenfeld - Advisor

Adam Schoenfeld is the Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer & Director at Greenlane Inc. Greenlane is the leading global platform for the development and distribution of premium cannabis accessories and lifestyle products. The company operates as a powerful house of brands, third-party brand accelerator, and omni-channel distribution platform. Greenlane serves the global markets with an expansive customer base of more than 7,000 retail locations, including licensed cannabis businesses, smoke shops, and specialty retailers.


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